Limoncello Spritzer #lemon #cocktails

Limoncello Spritzer #lemon #cocktails

Limoncello is an Italian lemon alcohol predominantly delivered around Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Sweet, summery, bubbly limoncello spritzer made with prosecco, Italian limoncello alcohol, and lemon juice.

You can add the fixings legitimately to glasses of ice, or to a pitcher to serve a bigger group. This mixed drink shouldn't be made excessively far ahead of time or the air pockets may go level. Spritzers can be decorated with new palatable blossoms (these are Borage), a cut of lemon, or two or three sprigs of new mint.

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Limoncello Spritzer #lemon #cocktails

Limoncello spritzers are such fun and tasty Italian inspired cocktails! These easy limoncello prosecco spritzers are the perfect drink for spring and summer parties!

  •  2 ounces chilled limoncello
  •  8 ounces chilled prosecco
  •  sparkling water
  •  2 slices lemon
  •  ice
  •  fresh mint, for garnish

  1. Divide limoncello and prosecco between two glasses. Top up with as much sparkling water as you'd like. Give each glass a squeeze of fresh lime juice, stir, and add ice.

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